June/July Updates

As August arrives, so does the air of anticipation for our competition. New entries are being processed, amazing vendors are signing up, and more sponsors are being secured daily. Additionally, our grand championship trophy is nearing completion as it enters the casting phase. This trophy is going to be something else and we can’t wait to see it once it is complete and to award it to a deserving band.

Other exciting updates that have happened is the commitment of an exhibition band. Our own University of West Georgia will join us at the end of the evening to give everyone a great performance. There is also the possibility of something extra ordinary happening regarding our exhibition performance, which we can’t quite divulge just yet, but if it all comes together… you won’t want to miss it.

We look forward to having  everyone join us on the beautiful Carrollton City campus in a couple of months. We are expecting a great day of fun, amazing performances, and wonderful memories.  If you have completed your entry yet, please do so now. Here is a link to the forms area where you can find everything you need to secure your spot and witness the beginning of a legacy.

Complete your entry now


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