Adding to The Legacy

Preparations for this year’s Legacy of Champions are well underway. We are working hard to ensure another grand event this year as we build upon our success from last year and incorporate new elements that will add to the Legacy.

The 2015 Defender's Shield.

The 2015 Defender’s Shield.

As an example, this year we will present a Defender’s Shield trophy for the first time to the reigning Grand Champions, the Whitewater Wildcat Marching Band of Whitewater High School, Fayetteville, GA. The Defender’s Shield is another custom designed trophy that will be presented to the previous Grand Champions as the Trojan Nation reclaims the Legacy Sword trophy, placing it back up for grabs in this year’s competition. The Defender’s Shield will be the Grand Champions permanent trophy to keep and inspire their students and to commemorate their major accomplishment.

July was a busy month in the life of the Defender’s Shield as the commissioned artist completed the pouring process, the last step before it was finished and prepared for presentation. It was another wonderful and fulfilling experience as we witnessed another piece of our vision and another piece of the Legacy come to life.  (click on the pictures below for a larger view)

We are extremely proud of both of our custom trophies, as well as our equally remarkable accompanying trophies and medals that we award each year. We are also honored by the participation of so many wonderful band programs in our event and hope that if you haven’t signed up already, that you will do so soon. We can promise you an experience like no other as we strive to set the gold standard for band competitions. Complete your 2016 Entry Form now!