Rules & Regulations

The competition field will be the size and shape of a regulation football field with five and ten-yard lines, hash marks (53’4”), and sidelines clearly marked.  There is a regulation track surrounding the field and a fence enclosing the field and track.

Bands will be classified according to the number of wind instrument players. Bands may enter a higher classification but not a lower one. Gold Division consists of AAAA bands and larger, Silver Division consists of AAA bands and smaller. (LOC classes are aligned with the GMEA suggested class breakdowns)

Class A              up to 40 winds
Class AA           41-59 winds
Class AAA         60-79 winds
Class AAAA       80-100 winds
Open Class        101 or more winds

Bands are scheduled at fifteen to twenty (15-20) minute intervals.  Performance times should be within a six-minute minimum and a twelve-minute maximum.  Timing starts with the first note of music or movement after the band has been given the field for competition.  A penalty of  -.5 points for each minute or part of minute will be assessed by the timing judge for times exceeding the maximum allotted interval.  Penalties will not be assessed without notification of the band director.

Order of performance within each class is determined by application postmark and/or electronic submission time-stamp.  Earliest postmark/electronic submission time-stamp performs last in class. For electronic submission timestamp to be valued, registration fees and bond must be received by the application deadline.

All bands must perform in uniform.

The LOC uses adjudication forms for Olympic style judging, with the high and low scores dropped and the remaining three averaged to determine overall band score.  Auxiliary scores do not enter into the calculation of overall band awards.

Point Spread for Contest Scoring
Superior          85 – 100
Excellent        70 – 84.99
Average          55 – 69.99
Fair                    0 – 54.99

Rating awards will be given for superior and excellent ratings in both festival and contest.  The contest awards are presented based on divisions.  Contest awards are decided by divisions.  Our Gold Division consists of AAAA bands and larger, and the Silver Division consists of AAA bands and smaller.  A champion, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded in each division as well as a divisional 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Percussion, Drum Major, and Color Guard captions.  In an effort to further recognize the excellence achieved by bands in each class, a best of class will be awarded for the Band, Percussion, Drum Major, and Color Guard captions. Our custom, one-of-a-kind  grand championship trophy is a traveling trophy. This grand championship trophy will be presented annually to the best overall judged band, across both divisions, at our competition, regardless of classification. The winning band will keep the trophy at their band room until the following summer, when it will be retrieved by the Legacy Of Champions competition committee to be placed back in contention at that year’s competition. An engraved plate with the previous year’s winner will be added annually and each defending grand champion will be presented an equally symbolic and impressive commemorative “Defending Grand Champion Shield” to keep in perpetuity.

No director, parent, or student from any participating band will be allowed in the press box or judging area

All band & auxiliary officers who will participate in the awards ceremony must be in full uniform. Officers are to line up as directed. No other students will be allowed on the field during the awards presentation.